Prinz Songz - Gone


Prinz Songz - Gone

You’re gone to my heart and pain to my chest

You got to stop my end and stop my test

Comes to my peace when I’m lost plan

It’s like a bullet shut up right do my best

I don’t know what to say didn’t know what to do

I’m a brown man while I’m still crying about you

I don’t know but don’t believe you don’t know when I see you baby

you what you what try to be what you need

But now you’re gone I let you sleep away

I try to say goodbye what you want to say

Things I love what ben best at last don’t change

But cross up so close so lies goes rutine

Remember reason best forgot and for some ways

Remember we to share turn it to somedays

No man no meaning to no longer I will be something

How was head was here to forgot something

Do you remember all the time just smile that was gone that was gone

Do you remember all the time we love never done never done

Do you remember all the time that how we close

All the time that you cry who ride for the most

That was hard to believe that was hard to see

That now now you’re you’re gone

I gave you more all baby you drop dear

I’ll lie you here be how dare you stop dear

I gave up hide not like rocket

But the here dry can’t drop it

You’re my sweeters nears hurt to breath

What I do you real now you deal to meet

Now my happiness

Well that show my best to history

I try my best just to forgetting your face

And I try my best to forget the days

I keep on trying but can’t foget your face

Cus I keep on leading cross every days

It’s so hard when you’re love someone else

So I sad waiting for someone-self

Waiting for you just for come on yo

But I know do you want come on yo